About Sana

The word Sana comes from Latin and means “to heal”. This is the purpose of all Sana products – helping your body heal through proper nutrition. That's why we were the first to start importing slow juicers to Europe. We created the Sana brand to combine the quality of the best juicers from South Korea with European design and focus on details.

We bring quality.
Into your kitchens, into your meals, into your lives.

We have been selling juicers since the 90’s and gradually, we have introduced premium kitchen products designed to prepare the healthiest and most delicious dishes right in your kitchen.

In the 2000s, we brought the first slow juicers to Europe.

Until then, high-speed centrifugal juicers were the norm, producing lower-quality juice and struggling to process certain ingredients (such as leafy greens).

We wanted to create a premium juicer combining European design with high-quality components.

Previously, juicers were merely functional devices. And even that functionality was sometimes lacking. That's why the Sana brand was born, combining the quality of the best juicers from South Korea with European style and attention to detail. Soon after, other kitchen appliances followed suit.

For the
healthiest food

We come from Europe and focus on products for the European market.

There are many cheap slow juicers, but they don’t offer the quality, performance, spare parts or warranty. They are basically “disposable” machines. In our world where the food industry has moved the focus away from nutrition and toward profit, we are striving to find ways to help people make the healthiest, most nutritious food themselves with easy to use hig- quality products.