Sana Smart Bread Maker

Finally - a bread maker with a stainless steel pan

The Sana Smart Bread Maker is the result of 20 years experience in baking bread. We have developed a unique multifunction home bread machine which we feel is the best on the market. The ability to program every parameter gives you complete control and flexibility with recipes. It is the only home bread machine on the market with an uncoated stainless steel pan.

Stainless steel baking pan

For years we looked for an alternative to chemically coated pans. Through our lower temperature baking cycles and glass lids, we found a way to use a stainless steel pan in our bread maker. Made from SU 304 food grade stainless steel, our baking pan is free from any coatings and completely hygienic.

Note: Only the Standard and Exclusive models include the stainless steel baking pan.

You're in control of everything

Unlike most bread machines which give very limited access to program settings, the Sana Smart Breadmaker gives you complete access to all phases of baking. Program the time and speed of the kneaders. Set a higher temperature short rise cycle followed by a longer lower temperature rise cycle. Adjust multiple baking cycles, with full control over the time and temperature. The flexibility lets you adapt your favorite recipe, and save it to the machine.

High speed kneading

Some bread makers offer folding kneaders or automatic adding of seeds or nuts. The Sana Smart Bread Maker offers a much simpler solution: high-speed kneading with sandblasted stainless steel kneaders! With adjustable kneading speeds, the dough for your bread will be ready in three minutes. After that you can immediately remove the kneaders from the dough, instead of after the bread has been baked. Do you like seeds or nuts spread on top of the bread? Add these by hand after 3 minutes of kneading and you are able to spread these equally all over the bread. This way you always have perfect results.

The most versatile bread machine ever

Because it is fully programmable, the Sana Smart Breadmaker can make more than just bread. The low temperatures and long cycle times allow you to make such things as tempeh, natto, jam, amasake, and yogurt. Using the glass lids with the stainless steel pan, you can bake the most tender and juicy meat or fish as well. It also makes a convenient compact oven when travelling.

Three configurations

The Sana Smart Breadmaker is available in 3 configurations. The machine is the same in all three models.

BASIC includes a teflon baking pan, teflon kneaders, and a measuring cups.

STANDARD includes a stainless steel pan, stainless steel kneaders, measuring cups, glass lids for low-temperature baking, and a needle thermometer. This is our most popular configuration.

EXCLUSIVE includes a stainless steel pan, stainless steel kneaders, measuring cups, glass lids, multi-thermometer, aluminum baguette pan, and tempeh set.

All accessories can be purchased separately.

Does more than just bake bread


Because of its precise low-temperature heating, the Sana Smart Breadmaker can do some surprising things, including:

  • Low-temperature slow roasting of meat, fish or poultry.
  • Fermented foods including yogurt, amasake, and tempeh.
  • Jam
  • Baked tea
  • Homemade sourdough starter

It's also a handy travel oven.

Save and update programs

The Sana Smart Breadmaker is not only fully programmable, you can also update existing programs. The on-board memory lets you save any changes, so you can tailor the programs according to your favorite recipes.

Technical specifications

  • Colour:
    Stainless steel
  • Temperature range:
    20 - 230 °C
  • Bread capacity:
    500 - 1.700 g
  • Power:
    500 Watt
  • Weight:
    10 Kg
  • Dimensions:
    30 x 40 x 22,5 cm
  • Warranty:
    2 years