Attachment for horizontal juicers lets you make your own fresh cold-pressed oils fast and easily.

A truly revolutionary product, the Sana EUJ-702 is an attachment for several models of Sana, Omega, and Vidia horizontal juicers. Using the juicer's powerful motor, the heavy-duty stainless steel Sana oil extractor lets you make your own fresh cold-pressed oils at home.

Make your own oil at home

The Sana oil extractor makes pressing your own oil simple and easy. Just attach the oil extractor to your Sana horizontal juicer, turn on the juicer, and pour your seeds or chopped nuts into the hopper. Almost immediately, oil will begin pouring into the included glass oil pitcher. Make just as much fresh cold-pressed oil as you need.


Make oil from a wide variety of seeds and nuts

The Sana oil extractor is designed to extract oil from many different seeds including flax, sesame, sunflower, black cumin, rape, hemp, evening primrose, and poppy. When chopped into small pieces, you can extract oil from nuts as well including pistachios, almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pecans. And it has a "surprise" feature: processing oat groats will make perfect oatmeal flakes!


Easy to clean

The Sana oil extractor is made from heavy-duty food-grade stainless steel. This not only ensures durability and hygiene, but it also makes it easy to clean. It is made from just a few solid parts which can be rinsed in warm water. Note: the locking collar should only be wiped down with a clean cloth.


Compatible with these juicers:

  • Sana Supreme Juicer 727
  • Sana Juicer EUJ-707
  • Sana Juicer EUJ-606
  • Vidia SJ002

Technical specifications

Material: Stainless steel
Extraction process: single auger cold press
Weight: 7 Kg
Dimensions: 19.5 x 16.5 x 7 cm
Warranty (auger and seals/ all other parts): 2/ 5 years



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