Discontinued product

Sana 808

For those who like the clearest juice

The Sana 808 is a low speed vertical designed to gently extract the smoothest juice possible. Operating at a low 43 rpm, produce is gently squeezed against the coarse or fine stainless steel juicing screen to create the clearest juice possible.

Gentle pressing for the smoothest juice

The Sana 808 operates at only 43 rpm - about half the speed of a typical slow juicer. But extracting juice isn't slow thanks to the new double-bladed auger which presses fruits and vegetables twice during each rotation. The result is amazingly smooth juice with almost no pulp, and the low speed means no oxidation or foam unlike most other juicers. Of all the juicers we have tested, the Sana 808 produces the smoothest, most velvety juice.

Compact and elegant

Designed to appeal to the style-conscious European market, the Sana 808 has a form factor like a premium espresso maker. All details are finished to an extremely high standard, and the unit itself is reassuringly solid. Yet its tall design allows it to take up very little space on a countertop

Premium features

With both a fine juicing screen for firm produce and a coarse juicing screen for softer materials, the Sana 808 is able to process a wide variety of ingredients including carrots and other root vegetables, apples, soft berries, leafy greens, tropical fruits, and herbs. An integrated cleaning system constantly cleans the juicing screen during operation, meaning cleanup is easier and yield is higher. The pulp ejection system is the most advanced in any vertical juicer, which keeps juice smooth. And the integrated juice flap lets you mix juices and lets you fill the juicer with water and let the cleaning system do most of the cleanup work when you're finished.

Optional citrus attachment

This attachment turns the Sana 808 juicer into a citrus juicer. This allows you to juice oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit and other citrus without peeling the fruit. It is a quick way to get your morning orange juice fast - just juice and rinse.

Technical specifications

  • Colours:
    red, white
  • Juicing process:
    single auger vertical
  • R.P.M.:
    43 r.p.m.
  • Power:
    150 Watt
  • Weight:
    6.8 Kg
  • Dimensions:
    23.6 x 24.0 x 39.8 cm
  • Warranty (motor / parts):
    10 / 5 years