Sana 707

Our iconic classic juicer.

The Sana 707 was designed to combine functionality into an iconic design. The end result is beautiful. The soft curves and absence of hard edges really make this juicer stand out. Every aspect of this juicer is top quality. The materials used in its construction are best in class. The workmanship is superb - everything is manufactured to very fine and precise tolerances. It is obvious when you see this machine first-hand that it is extremely solid and well-built. And it's the only premium juicer available in a wide variety of colors. With 10 designer shades, there is a color for every decor.

Three screens for ultimate flexibility

Most horizontal juicers only have one juicing screen, plus sometimes a blank homogenizing screen. The Sana 707 includes both the standard fine juicing screen which makes very fine, clear juice, as well as a coarse juicing screen which makes a denser juice with more pulp. This coarse screen also allows it to work with softer fruits like berries and pineapple, something other horizontals do not handle. It also includes a homogenizing screen to make things like sorbet, nut butter, baby food, nut milk, pasta, salsa, and much more.

Simple to use and clean

The Sana 707 was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It has few parts, no hard corners or hard-to-reach places. Cleaning the machine after juicing takes only 2-3 minutes - just rinse it under running water, and use the included brush to remove any pulp from the juicing screen.

Premium accessories

Most juicers come with plastic juicing bowls and pulp containers. The Sana 707 includes a heavy-duty one-liter glass juice bowl with a custom strainer top. In addition, the pulp container is extra large and made of food-grade stainless steel etched with the Sana logo.

Make more than just juice


The Sana 707 includes four different nozzles for food processing.  There are 3 pasta nozzles for various shapes of pasta, as well as a larger universal nozzle for making nut butter, ice cream, sorbet, or baby food. The universal nozzle allows the smoothest consistency, although for baby food it can be omitted if coarser processing is desired.

Designed with easy cleaning in mind

Cleaning the Sana 707 is simple. Just rinse the drum, auger, screen, and cap under running water.  If needed, brush the stainless steel juicing screen with the included brush to dislodge any pulp. Since the juciing screen is small, cleaning is fast an simple. Much faster than a certical or centrifugal juicer. 

Eleven designer colors


The Sana 707 comes in in three series incorporating ten different colors.

  • Gloss series: Red, white, chrome, purple plum
  • Matte series: Black, bronze, silver
  • Pastel series: Blue, pink, pistachio green

Constructed for a lifetime of use

Like all the world's best juicers, the Sana 707 is manufactured in South Korea. South Korean factories are renowned for their advanced technology and use of quality materials. The vision of a juicer for life is supported with long warranty periods, guaranteed availability of spare parts and free lifetime service.

Technical specifications

  • Colours:
    ferrari red, pearl white, chrome, purple plum, matte black, satin bronze, matte silver, pistachio green, pastel pink, pastel blue
  • Juicing process:
    single auger
  • R.P.M.:
    63 - 75 r.p.m.
  • Power:
    200 Watt
  • Weight:
    5,7 Kg
  • Dimensions:
    420 x 187 x 320 mm
  • Warranty (motor / parts):
    10 / 5 years