Sana 868

Wide mouth vertical juicer

Designed for fast and easy juicing, the Sana 868 features the widest feeding tube available on any slow juicer. Backed by a high torque motor and reinforced juicing chamber, the Sana 868 lets you spend less time cutting fruits and vegetables. Four different screens make it the most versatile vertical juicer we offer.

Our widest feeding tube ever

People often ask us, "Why aren't juicer feeding tubes wider?"  The answer is safety regulations.  By law, juicers can only have narrow feeding tubes, to keep small children from reaching in the juicer.  So one of the challenges of juicing is cutting produce into pieces small enough to fit into the feeding tube. The Sana 868 solves this with a patented trap door system which prevents any curious hands from reaching into the juicer, while still being wide enough to fit large pieces of whole fruit and vegetables. Now you can fit big chunks of carrots, large handfuls of leafy greens, even whole apples. Integrated into the trap door is a circular feeding hole for direct feeding of celery stalks, smaller carrots. and other narrow produce.

Powerful motor

Of course, a wide feeding tube isn't useful if the juicer gets jammed by those large pieces of produce.  That's why we put our highest-watt brushless motor in the Sana 868.  With 240 watts, it has the muscle to power through big pieces of carrots, large chunks of pumpkin, even nuts for nut butter.  The extra large auger and reinforced juicing chamber matches the motor for toughness and durability, ensuring consistent and smooth juicing every time.

Next generation juicing

The new juicing chamber is designed for maximum yield and easy cleaning.  The powerful motor runs at a gentle 50 rpm, allowing for the most juice to be cold-pressed out of every type of produce. The wide pulp outlet is open on the top for easy cleaning, and a special cleaning brush snaps onto the juicing screen to quickly remove any bits of pulp.

Four screens for maximum versatility

Most vertical juicers include just one or two screens.  The Sana 868 includes four screens, making it more than just a juicer:

  • Fine juicing screen: This is what is used to get the highest juice yield on most fruits and vegetables.  Hundreds of micro perforations in a stainless steel screen ensure the optimum amount of pressure for the best juice quality.
  • Coarse juicing screen: Some softer fruit like pineapple, berries, and soft apples can get clogged in a fine juicing screen.  The coarse screen has larger holes for less pressure and smoother juicing of softer fruit.
  • Smoothie screen: This turns the juicer into a low speed smoothie blender.  The screen juices the produce, and then mixes the pulp back into the juice.  Blenders operate at up to 20,000 rpm, injecting air and creating foam, separation, and loss of nutrients.  The 868 runs at just 50 rpm, creating the most nutritious smoothie you've ever tasted.  
  • Sorbet screen: The Sana 868 becomes a frozen dessert machine with this screen.  By using slightly thawed frozen fruit, a wide variety of frozen treats can be made.  Make a smooth peach sorbet with frozen peaches.  Process berries for a delightful frozen ice.  Or make a rich "ice cream" like dessert by mixing frozen bananas with berries, mangos, tropical fruit, and more.

Premium containers

At Sana, we believe a premium juicer should come with premium containers for the juice and pulp.  And the Sana 868 continues this tradition:

  • Juice pitcher: Made from heavy duty tempered borosilicate glass, the Sana 868 juice pitcher has an extra large 1500ml capacity. It's perfect for making large quantites of juice for later consumption, and a healthier alternative to the typical small plastic juice container.
  • Pulp container: Our high-capacity pulp container is made from 100% stainless steel.  Unlike plastic containers which discolor and grow brittle over time, our stainless steel pulp container will always look new. And because it is made from food-grade stainless steel, it is ideal for those who like to use pulp for things like muffins, breads, and crackers.

Optional citrus juicer attachment

This attachment fits on the motor base to turn your Sana 868 into a powerful citrus juicer. This allows you to juice oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit and other citrus without peeling the fruit. It is a quick way to get your morning orange juice fast - just juice and rinse.

Technical specifications

  • Colours:
    matte black, red,
  • Juicing process:
    single auger vertical
  • R.P.M.:
  • Power:
    240 Watt
  • Weight:
    7 Kg
  • Dimensions:
    18 x 25 x 46 cm
  • Warranty (motor / parts):
    10 / 5 years