Sana Protein Bread Mix

High quality protein bread mix from the best ingredients

Sana protein bread is naturally high in fiber and protein, and low in carbohydrates. It's also moist, delicious, and full of seeds and can be eaten without butter or spreads because of this. It's great for weight loss, athletes, or vegetarians as it is a source of high protein. Preparation is simple: just add water and yeast, mix, let it rise, and bake. It works great in both a regular oven or in a bread maker, like the stainless steel Sana Smart Breadmaker.

Ingredients: vital wheat gluten, flax seeds, defatted soy flour, sunflower seeds, wheat flour, soybean meal (contains peanuts), dried rye yeast, salt, barley malt, natural preservatives (sugar, barley, malt flour, enzymes, ascorbic acid).

May contain eggs, milk, sesame, mustard and hazelnuts.

One bag makes a 500g loaf of bread.