Sana Nut Milk bag

A nut milk bag is the best way to get the finest filtering of liquids. It is much easier to use than a cheesecloth, since it ties tight with a drawstring, allowing easy kneading to get the most liquid out of anything that needs filtering. It is also a good complement to a horizontal juicer, as softened nuts can be homogenized in a horizontal juicer, and then mixed with water to make cold-pressed almond milk.

The smoothest nut milk

Made from food-grade, BPA-free nylon, the Sana nut milk bag is a fast and simple way to make very smooth nut milk at home.  Simply soak the nuts in water overnight to soften them, then process the nuts and water together in a blender or food processor.  Pour the resulting mixture into the nut milk bag, tie the drawstrings, and squeeze the nut milk out. The 200 micron pore size allows for ultra fine filtering without requiring excess pressure.

Makes more than just nut milk

Our durable nut milk bag is also suitable for a wide varierty of uses including:

  • Juicing - blend your favorite produce in blender, and strain through the bag for the clearest juice possible
  • Bouillon - strain cooled soup through the bag to make crystal clear bouillon
  • Cold-brewed coffee and tea - loosely fill the bag with your favorite coffee or tea, put in a pitcher of water, and let steep in the fridge
  • Sprouting - Soak seeds or grains overnight in the bag, then rinse twice a day. In a few days, you will have a bag of fresh sprouts.

Hygienic and easy to clean

Since our bag is made from food-grade nylon, it is both hygienic and easy to clean.  Unlike bags made from cloth, our bag will not absorb food residues or odors. It will also not mold or mildew, unlike bags made with cotton or hemp.

To clean, just hand wash in warm water with dish soap, and let air dry.

Technical specifications

  • Colour:
  • Material
  • Dimensions:
    18 x 22 cm