Sana 848

Daily juicing is a thing of the past

Designed from the ground up to be easy to use, the Sana 848 uses vacuum storage technology to keep your juice fresh up to 72 hours. And the screenless strainer system doesn't require scrubbing - just rinse all the juicing parts and it's clean.

Juice up to three days in advance

Here at Sana, we are always looking for ways to make juicing easier. And with the Sana 848, we have an innovative way to achieve this - vacuum storage. By vacuum sealing your juice, it will keep the maximum amount of flavor and nutrition for 72 hours. The Sana 848 includes an XL 1500ml vacuum juice container and pump to make that possible.  Let's say you are following the popular 500ml daily celery juice regimen.  On Monday morning, you can make your 500ml of juice, pour it in a glass, and then continue juicing until the container is full.  Just snap on the lid, give it a few pumps to remove the air, and you've got enough juice for the next three days. Simply pump it each morning after pouring your daily juice, and you won't need to juice again until Friday.

The easiest to clean juicer ever

The most time-consuming part of cleaning a juicer is scrubbing the juicing screen.  We've designed all of our juicers to be easy to clean, but the 848 takes it to the next level with a mesh-free juicing system.  Using two interlocking BPA-free strainers, pulp is pressed against narrow vertical slits, allowing the fresh cold-pressed juice to be gently squeezed.  When you're done, just rinse the strainers under cold running water - no brushing needed. With most produce, you can clean the juicer in under a minute, since the juicing assembly (drum, feeding tube, auger, and strainer) just need to be rinsed.

Three strainers for maximum flexibility


Soft fruits like pineapple and berries are difficult to juice in any juicer, because they can plug the juicing screen and cause backup. That's why we include not only the standard juicing screen, but a soft fruit screen with wider vertical slits.  This means lower pressure is applied to the produce, and less backup occurs.  It's also handy for those who like a richer, more pulpy juice.  In addition, you can make fresh fruit sorbet with the included sorbet strainer.  Using slightly thawed frozen fruit like mango, bananas, berries, even avocados, you can make smooth, creamy sorbet.

It's all about the little details


Every part of the Sana 848 reflects our attention to detail and quality.  For example, most juicers only include a small plastic cup to collect the pulp.  The Sana 848 uses a large stainless steel pulp container.  Not only does this look beautiful on the kitchen counter, it is also ideal for people who like to hygienically save their pulp for other uses.  For example, pulp can be added to cakes and muffins, put in smoothies for fiber and taste, and even dehydrated into healthy crackers.

Technical specifications

  • Colours:
    matte black, red,
  • Juicing process:
    single auger vertical
  • R.P.M.:
  • Power:
    150 Watt
  • Weight:
    5.7 Kg
  • Dimensions:
    21 x 23 x 47cm
  • Warranty (motor / parts):
    10 / 5 years