Sana stainless steel filtration bottle now available

3. 1. 2020

Sana stainless steel filtration bottle now available

Available now is the new Sana stainless steel water filtration bottle. Many people are trying to avoid plastic bottles these days. That's why we've developed a water (and juice) bottle made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel. This may be the ultimate water bottle as it is strong, lightweight, easy to clean, and has a wide opening in case you want to put in ice. What makes really stand out is the filter cartridge. In our tests, we noticed an improvement in the flavor of our tap water, as chemicals like chlorine are neutralized.

The Sana stainless steel bottle can be used with or without the filter. It comes with an activated coconut carbon filter cartridge with an NSF42 rating. This basically means it is suitable for removing bad tastes and smells from tap water. There is an optional anti-microbial filter designed to eliminatge pathogens and bacteria. The filter is easily removable, which makes it a great way to store or take fresh juice on the go.

The amount of plastic pollution in our oceans is becoming a crisis. We're hoping products like our Sana water bottle will help eliminate some of that. While the filter cartridge is plastic, it can filter 300 liters of water. So one small cartridge can take the place of 600 500ml water bottles.

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