Sana 848 vertical juicer with vacuum storage now available

Here at Sana, we are always looking for ways to make juicing easier. And with the Sana 848, we have an innovative way to achieve this - vacuum storage. By vacuum sealing your juice, it will keep the maximum amount of flavor and nutrition for 72 hours. The Sana 848 includes an XL 1500ml vacuum juice container and pump to make that possible.  Let's say you are following the popular 500ml daily celery juice regimen.  On Monday morning, you can make your 500ml of juice, pour it in a glass, and then continue juicing until the container is full.  Just snap on the lid, give it a few pumps to remove the air, and you've got enough juice for the next three days. Simply pump it each morning after pouring your daily juice, and you won't need to juice again until Friday.