Sana 727 Supreme juicer now available in the USA

Sana Products is Europe's premier brand of aplliances for healthy living. The hallmark of our products is premium quality, ease of use, innovative features, strong warranty and support, and elegant design. For many years we have heard requests from people in the USA and Canada asking if our products would ever become available in North America.  And now that time has come.  We are proud to announce the release of our newest and most advanced juicer, the Sana 727 Supreme, in the USA.  With it's stunning design and cutting-edge features, we really think it is the ultimate juicer.  In addition, our innovative Sana oil extractor, which attaches to all all our horizontal juicers including the 727, is also available in the USA.  This lets you make your own cold-pressed oil at home from a wide variety of seeds. We are looking forward to sharing our products on a new continent.