Fresh oats with the Sana Oil Extractor

5. 2. 2020

Make more than just oil

The Sana 702 oil extractor is an attachment for all Sana horizontal juicers which let you make fresh cold-pressed oil from a variety of seeds and nuts. But during our testing and development, one of our designers was curious what would happen if he put fresh oat seeds into the oil extractor. The results were surprising. The oil extractor actually rolled the oats into perfect oat flakes. 

Commercially available oats are missing a lot of their nutrition and flavor, because they must be toasted to remove the moisture and fatty parts. Otherwise they would go rancid in a few days. With freshly rolled oats, the moisture and fats stay in the oat flakes. The result is a much more full-flavored oat, and a far cry from the dried flakes you get from the store.


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