Sana 828 advanced vertical juicer now available

24. 4. 2019

Sana takes the next step forward in juicing technology with the new 828 vertical juicer. Combining a sleek new design with some ingenious new features, the Sana 828 is the most advanced vertical juicer on the market.

The Sana 828 has been designed from the ground up to be easy to live with. That's because a juicer that's hard to clean, loud, jams, or is poorly built will most likely end up unused, gathering dust.

The Sana 828 is simple, effective, durable, and fits in any decor. We designed it with a dual feeding tube for the most flexibility. You'll be surprised how this helps, especially with leafy greens like spinach. The juicing chamber is all new, with a new sealed driveshaft to make sure juice never gets on the motor base. A special pulp control lever lets you reduce the pressure for soft or fibrous fruits like pineapple, reducing the jamming and backups found in other juicers.

With three juicing screens, the Sana 828 is surprisingly flexible. The fine juicing screen gets the highest yield and the clearest juice from firm produce. A special coarse screen with larger holes allows easier juicing of soft fruits. And a special sorbet screen mixed frozen fruits to make healthy fresh ice cream.

Cleaning is simple and fast. Opening the pulp lever at the end of juicing helps push out excess pulp. The silicon blades rotating at only 17 rpm keep the stainless steel screen clean while minimizing foaming. All parts can be quickly rinsed under clear water, and any pulp remaining in the screens is easily removed with  the included cleaning brush.

Compact, quiet, efficient, durable, and stylish, the Sana 828 is sure to be a permanent resident of your kitchen counter. The included glass juice pitcher and pulp container are simply the icing on the cake.

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